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Who is eligible for a Monthly Mani? 

Everyone! All you need is a customer account which can be created with any email address. 

How do I get 15% off? 

All you need is 5 sets of nails on your order! 

How do I get 10% off? 

All you need is 3 sets of nails on your order! 

When will my subscription run? 

When you first subscribe, you will see which day it is set to run, and it will run the same day each month! All subscriptions will be scheduled to run between the 5th and 25th of each calendar month. 

How can I edit my subscription? 

It's easy! Just log into your customer account on our website, go to manage account (the little person icon in the top right corner), and Manage Subscriptions. 

Are there only certain days I can order these? 

You can place an order any day, but the subscriptions will run between the 5th and 25th of every month. 

If I have a lot of nails, am I able to skip the subscription this month? 

Yes, you can always skip a month if needed. Log into your account, or reach out to Customer Support at and they can help!