How long will my nails last?

Your nails will look fresh and shiny for 10-14 days. Recommended wear for each type of nail is below: 

LED Gel Strips – 14 days 

Gel Strips – 14 days 

Press-On Gel Nails - 10 days

How do I prep my nails?

Wash your hands with an oil-free soap and water (think dish soap!) Shape your nails, and push cuticles back. Wipe nails down with the Prep Pad, and make sure they are completely dry before applying nails. 

How do I apply these?

LED Gel Strips – https://youtu.be/Yk-aiKTUOqU

Gel Strips – https://youtu.be/dyuqR06H9ZU

Press-On Gel Nails – https://youtu.be/ztQio2LddpY

How do I remove these?

Unlike other brands, our products do not require nail polish remover or soaking to remove them. Apply a small amount of Easy Remover to your cuticle line and gently work the product underneath the edges of the Gel Strip, LED Gel Strip or Press-on Gel Nail. Continue to separate the product from your natural nail, adding more Remover as needed. 

Easy Remover works with all Kleo Kolor nail products and is a gentle way to remove them. In a pinch, you can use cuticle oil or mineral oil in the same fashion for removal. 

What are they made out of? 

Kleo Kolor LED Gel Strips and Gel Strips are made from a protective coating and gel color layered over an environmentally-friendly substrate. Press-on Gel Nails are made from a protective coating and gel color layered over a resin foundation. LED Gel Strips, Gel Strips and Press-on Gel Nails are completely cured with a gel topcoat. All products are cruelty free and vegan. You can find a detailed list of ingredients on each product page by clicking the Ingredients tab. 

Do I need a base coat or top coat with any Kleo Products? 

Nope! It is an all-in-one product for a quick and easy application!

Are Kleo Kolor Products Cruelty Free?


How Do I Know They Will Fit My Nails?

Kleo Kolor products come with a variety of sizes to choose from – we offer more sizing options so you can always get the perfect fit!

LED Gel Strips and Gel Strips come with 11 different sizes, and Press-on Gel Nails come with 12 different sizes.

Are Kleo Kolor Products Vegan?


Are Kleo Kolor Products Reusable?

No. We recommend using a fresh set of strips or nails for every application. 

Should I take a break between sets?

We recommend taking a few days break in between sets so your nails can rest!

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Google Pay, and PayPal. Payment options are subject to change. 

Where Do You Ship To? 

We ship anywhere in the US including Hawaii, Alaska and US territories. 

Easy Remover cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, and US territories. 

How much is shipping? 

USPS Standard Shipping - $5 flat rate 

FedEx – 2 Day – minimum $12; Next Day minimum $30 (subject to change based on weight/location/etc.) 

Do You offer Free Shipping? 

Yes, free USPS Standard Shipping on all orders over $100! 

Also, receive free shipping on ANY Monthly Mani! 

Do You Accept Returns? 

Yes, you can return any unopened item for 30 days! 

What is your shipping time frame? 

All Kleo Kolor orders ship on business days (Monday through Friday). Once your order is placed, you can expect between 1-3 business days for processing and 3-10 business days for standard shipping, 2 business days for 2-day shipping and 1 business day for next day shipping. 

How long does it take for a refund to process? 

Refunds will be issued within 7-10 business days of receiving the items back. 

Do You Offer Exchanges? 

Yes, you can exchange any unopened item for 60 days! 

Am I able to cancel my order? 

Since we are committed to shipping orders out as quickly as possible, we are unable to guarantee cancellation before an order ships out. 

What is a Kleo Kolor Brand Partner? 

A Kleo Kolor Brand Partner is someone who has chosen to join Kleo Kolor with the purpose of building a business by selling our products and/or building a community. 

How much does it cost to become a Brand Partner? 

The enrollment fee is $19 plus tax. This fee includes your Personal Website, access to product training, cloud-based business tracking, and digital marketing tools. These tools will help you start sharing and having fun with your customers. 

Are there options to purchase a starter box when I enroll? 

Upon enrollment, there are two optional product boxes you can select from and purchase to get started. These are optional and not required. 

What are the benefits of becoming a Kleo Kolor Brand Partner? 

You will be the most stylish person in your friend group! But, joking aside, there are numerous benefits to joining Kleo. 

Brand Partners may earn up to 35% commission on sales from their customers. Additionally, if you choose to expand your business by enrolling other Brand Partners, Affiliates, or Influencers, which we refer to as your community, you may earn bonuses and override commissions for sharing, caring, leading, and mentoring those teams. Kleo Kolor also offers special incentives and exciting trips that you may earn. 

Can I be a Kleo Kolor Brand Partner if I am with another direct sales company? 

Yes! At Kleo Kolor, we want to celebrate you as an entrepreneur. We acknowledge that you may have other interests and engage in other ventures with different brands. In our Policies and Procedures, we have outlined how you can achieve great things here while pursuing other opportunities. However, as part of our Agreement, we request that you do not solicit other Kleo Kolor Brand Partners 

-to-peer companies, share our confidential information or do anything that unfairly infringes on our legitimate and protectable business interests. 

Can I enroll as a Brand Partner if I live outside of the United States? 

Sorry, no. Currently, Kleo Kolor operates only in the United States. 

Are there monthly minimums I am expected to sell to be an active Brand Partner? 

There are no monthly minimums to keep your account open. If you decide to build a team and wish to receive monthly override commissions, the minimum is 150 PQV (Personal Qualified Volume) or as specified by a specific rank level. Please refer to the full Kleo Kolor Compensation Plan for details. 

What happens if I decide I don’t want to be a Brand Partner anymore? 

We will be sad to see you go, and the community will miss you! But we understand and respect your choice. Email our amazing Field Support Team, and they will assist you with the process. 

Monthly Mani
Who is eligible for a Monthly Mani? 

Everyone! All you need is a customer account which can be created with any email address. 

How do I get 15% off? 

All you need is 5 or more sets of nails on your order! 

How do I get 10% off? 

All you need is either 3 or 4 sets of nails on your order! 

When will my subscription run? 

When you first subscribe, you will see which day it is set to run, and it will run the same day each month! All subscriptions will be scheduled to run between the 5th and 25th of each calendar month. 

How can I edit my subscription? 

It's easy! Just log into your customer account on our website, go to manage account (the little person icon in the top right corner), and Manage Subscriptions. 

Are there only certain days I can order these? 

You can place an order any day, but the subscriptions will run between the 5th and 25th of every month. 

If I have a subscription, can I place additional orders throughout the month under the same account? 

Definitely! You can even set up a second subscription if you want too! 

If I have a lot of nails, am I able to skip the subscription this month? 

Yes, you can always skip a month if needed. Log into your account, or reach out to Customer Support and they can help!